Dear Friends,

COVID-19 has affected the financial wellbeing of many people in Tauranga.

If your skincare and wellbeing budget has shrunk, we understand. We’d like to help.

Here is some caring advice from our team on where to spend your skincare budget so it really counts.

Essentials vs Luxuries

Topical Skincare Products

1. Continue if You Can
Many women find a way to keep up with their basic skincare products and routine even when times are tight. If you can continue with your Janesce, Environ, Dermaviduals or Joyce Blok skincare routines that is ideal.  Your skin is supported and kept healthy by these professional ranges and skin changes often occur after going off them.

2. Skincare Essentials
As a minimum, maintain your cleanser and moisturiser. If times are tough, you could drop out serums, mists and tonics. These boost skin health beautifully, but your skin can live without them for a little while if necessary.  A quality cleanser is essential, as cheap cleansers can damage your skin. Applying a quality moisturiser right after cleansing, will nourish, strengthen and protect your skin, locking in essential hydration.

3. Avoid Supermarket Brands – Try Joyce Blok Instead
If you cannot afford to buy your usual Janesce, Environ or Dermaviduals products, consider swapping to  Joyce Blok.  This affordable Kiwi-owned professional skincare range is streets ahead of anything you will find at the supermarket. The cleansers and moisturisers cost around the $40 mark each.

4. Do Not use a Foaming Cleanser, EVER!
So many cheap cleansers strip the skin of it’s natural protective barrier. This leads to tight, dry skin and an increase in visible lines and wrinkles.  Don’t be seduced by that squeaky, clean feeling – it is damaging your skin. Do not ever use a foaming cleanser, or anything with beads or other exfoliating material in it.

5.  Skin Soaking is Amazing…and Free!
Most women have dehydrated skin without even knowing it. If you have come to accept dull, dry skin as normal, then you need to give skin soaking a try. The ‘secret ingredient’ is water and all it costs is the effort to establish this beautiful self-care ritual into your daily routine. Trust us. It’s revolutionary.

6.  You Can’t Afford NOT to Buy Suncare
Spending money on facial treatments, and good quality skincare products, and then not using a high quality sunscreen –is like carrying your cash around in a wallet with a big hole at the bottom of it. No matter how much good stuff you put on your skin, the sun will undo it all. Two of our favourite suncare products are Environ RAD and Janesce Suncare Lotion.

Skin Nutrition + Wellbeing

5. Keep up with Bestow Beauty Basics
What you put on your skin is only half the story. The Bestow Beauty Basics duo contains all the key nutrients needed for skin health – EFA’s for plump, glowing skin and key vitamins and minerals to encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

If you need to take break from Bestow’s more specialised products such as Bestow Gut Love + or Bestow Collagen Boost, that’s okay. But if you can, keep up with the Bestow Beauty Basics duo – Bestow Beauty from Beneath and Bestow Beauty Plus Oil. They will not only boost your skin health but will support your overall wellbeing and energy levels.

6. Increase Dietary EFA’s and Plant Diversity
If your  budget won’t stretch to the Bestow Beauty Basics, there are a few key ways you can support your skin health with your food choices.

EFA-Rich Foods
Foods such as fresh deep-water fish (salmon, tuna), raw nuts, seeds and whole grains will help boost your intake of EFAs. It’s also important to limit your intake of harmful, saturated fats and poor quality vegetable oils found in many processed foods and cheap cooking oils. Use very minimal amounts of olive or canola oil for cooking.

Plant Diversity Challenge
There are microbes in your gut that contribute to skin health and general wellbeing. Unfortunately, our modern diet is too repetitive, which limits the diversity of microbes in our gut. Increasing the variety of plants you eat is the easiest way to help build diversity. CLICK HERE to download the Bestow Plant Diversity Challenge.

Facial Treatments

Aim to Have a Facial Every Season (at least)

Facial treatments are an important part of maintaining beautiful skin for a lifetime. If you cannot maintain your usual six-weekly facial, aim to have one at least four times a year. We release a new facial special each season. CLICK HERE to view our winter special. We can address your specific skincare concerns at a clinical level, intensively boosting your skin health and vitality. We use products and protocols that are matched to the season and the skin challenges it brings. Facials also offer a nurturing opportunity to relax and be cared for, lowering stress and improving wellbeing.

Jamele Special Mini Facial ~ 50mins $90

Book a Special Mini-Facial for $90
Many of our facials contain premium products and luxurious time to relax. These facials cost around $150.  You can enjoy many of the same benefits with our Special Mini-Facial, a 50 minute facial for only $90.

Relax in a warm bed as we cleanse, tone, and exfoliate your skin. A skin nourishing serum and mask will be applied. We’ll treat you to a hand massage while the mask works it’s magic. Enjoy a bliss ball and herbal tea to finish!  Includes a complimentary brow tidy and lash or brow tint. BOOK NOW

Try these DIY Home Treatments using Pantry Ingredients
Facial definitely not an option for your budget?  Good news. During Level 4 Lockdown the team at Janesce Skincare created some DIY facial treatment recipes using all-natural ingredients you’ll have in the pantry. CLICK HERE for recipes for an Almond Exfoliating Rub to gently slough off dead skin cells and a Softening Oats Face Mask to soften and soothe your skin.

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