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Are you someone who likes gets to the point quickly?

Sometime who doesn’t have to time to learn all the why’s and wherefore’s of skincare?

Someone who wishes someone would just tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with your skin?

This is for you!

Skincare Do’s

1. Do cleanse twice at the end of the day.  The first cleanse removes make-up and the grime and dust of the day.  The second cleanse is the one that deep cleanses your skin.

2. Do use a gentle ph-balanced gel or cream cleanser. Never use a foaming cleanser! (See below to find out why)  We highly recommend any of the cleansers in our Dermaviudals, Environ, Janesce and Joyce Blok ranges. Speak to your therapist about which cleanser is right for your skin or book in for a Free Skin Consultation.

3. Do use a muslin cloth to wash off your cleanser.  Don’t just splash water on your face to rinse.  This method often leaves cleanser residue on your face which can be quite irritating to your skin. Janesce Muslin Cloths are available for purchase at Jamele.


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4. Do use a toner!  Don’t miss the important step of toning between cleansing and moisturising. Toners/mists are actually important treatment products which hydrate your skin.

A good toner also protects your skin barrier function by restoring your ph balance.  While cleansers are slightly alkaline, your toner restores your skin to it’s natural ph balance of 5.5  and prepares it to absorb your moisturiser.

We highly recommend any of the toners in our Dermaviudals, Environ, Janesce and Joyce Blok ranges.  Speak to your therapist about which toner is right for your skin or book in for a Free Skin Consultation.




5. Do extract blackheads. Don’t just turn a blind eye because blackheads are polluted enlarged pores which remain permanently enlarged unless you deal with them.  The best time to extract blackheads is after you’ve had a bath or shower when you’re skin is soft and supple. Don’t use your nails which will damage your skin. Instead, use two cotton buds to ease out the black-head.

6. Do use an eye cream from age 25 onwards.  Effective skincare is all about prevention and collagen production starts to decline in women from age 23. Eye gels are generally more hydrating and some have a tightening effect.  Dermaviduals and Environ eye treatment products contain hyaluronic acid which has a powerful hydrating and smoothing effect on the eye area.  Eye-creams contain an oil component which help to plump out fine lines and are particularly helpful for older women.




7.  Always wear sunscreen.  For those of us who have a English heritage our skins are very sensitive to the vicious New Zealand sun and we have to be ultra-viligent about protecting out skin from it’s harmful effects. At Jamele we can tell if a woman has most often been the driver or the passenger in her car by which side of her face shows the tell-tale sides of sun damage and pigmentation. Include a physical sunscreen like the Environ RAD Sun Protection Cream in your daily skincare routine through all the seasons of the year.

When I (Shelley) spend a day in the garden at home where we host garden weddings, I make sure I am protected by the titanium dioxide in RAD sunscreen and by the minerals in Jane Iredale pressed and loose make-up powders.  With the combination of the two, I can be outside all day and not get burnt at all.  Take care out there ladies!


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Skincare Don’ts

1. Don’t ever use foaming cleansers! The active ingredient in many cheap foaming cleansers is sodium laurel sulphate which strips away the fine oil on the surface of your skin. Our sebaceous glands, which are little hair follicles, regularly produce sebum which creates a very fine, oily film on the skin surface, giving you hydration and protection.  If you use a foaming cleanser you strip all that lovely protection away and it takes 24 hours to come back.  This means your skin is constantly compromised and vulnerable and can feel dry and tight.  Don’t be fooled by that squeaky clean feeling!

2. Don’t cleanse your face in the morning.  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  Your skin simply doesn’t need cleansing after a night spent resting on your pillow.  All you need to do is hydrate your skin using a warm face-cloth or muslin cloth, or even better follow the Janesce Soaking Ritual which includes the use of Janesce Lavendar or Rose Soaking drops as a warm compress to hydrate and awaken your skin and enliven your senses.   See our ‘Morning Rituals’ blog post for further details.


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3. Don’t put your face under in the shower.  When you take a shower wash your hair with your back to the water flow, and don’t ever put your face directly under the stream of hot water.  Many Kiwi women have fragile capillaries and having direct contact with a hot flowing stream can inflame the skin and aggravate diffused redness.  Rosy cheeks usually stop being cute after we are 3!

4. Don’t go into saunas. They might be relaxing for your muscles but they are inflaming and harsh on your delicate facial skin. The only exception would be if you do not suffer from fragile capillaries and diffused redness.  Even then, take care.

5. Don’t rub your eyes!   If you have a cold or allergies it’s tempting to dig your fist into your eyes and have a good old rub.  Don’t do that.  The delicate skin around your eyes has no muscle support so once you stretch it, that’s it.  Be gentle with your eye area. You’ll thank yourself when you’re older.

6. Don’t use your facial moisturiser on your eyes. Period.  See ‘Skincare Do’s for what you should use instead.

7.  Don’t sleep with your make-up on!  If you do, over time your lashes will become sparse, thin and brittle and you will have trouble with blackheads and congested skin which can make your skin look dull, bumpy and rough.  You can avoid all those pit-falls with a regular evening cleansing routine.


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8.  Don’t use comodogenic foundations.  Many cheap or oil-based foundations are comodogenic, which means that when your body naturally produces oil to come up through the sebaceous gland and onto the surface of the skin, the oil flow gets blocked by the make-up.  The oil then oxidises with the air and goes black – that’s the science of a black-head in a nut-shell.

At Jamele, we love Jane Iredale mineral foundations which have a beautiful finish on the skin. The nature of high quality minerals is to interact with light, which is what gives these products their celebrated soft-focus effect. The foundations also form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally, providing great coverage without that heavy, caked-on look.

Ready to Start Taking Proper Care of Your Skin?

We would love to partner with you to help you start your own journey to clear, beautiful skin.


Before you invest in good quality products we recommend you have a private consultation with one of our therapists to make sure that you are choosing the best skincare range for your unique skin needs and budget.

During this 30-minute session your skin will be analyzed by your therapist using a special electronic analysis tool and viewed under a salon magnifying glass so she can see what is really going on.

Armed with this knowledge, your therapist will advise you on the best skincare range for your skin and give you a written plan for your home care outlining which products to use in the morning and evening.

Your therapist can also advise which nutritional supplements or skin-foods would particularly benefit your skin.

If you purchase some product on the day the 30-minute consultation is free. Without a product purchase the cost of the consultation session is $58.

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Struggling With Your Skin?

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At Jamele Skincare, we take a holistic approach to treating skin conditions, drawing on the best that nature and science have to offer us. We can mentor you on your path to healing or improving your skin. READ MORE

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