“A dreamy, slow beauty facial experience – not to be missed!”

This luxuriously slow and sensual facial will put you into a state of total relaxation, whilst re-energising your skin with powerful, plant-based natural skincare from Janesce Skincare

Relax in a soft bed while we gently cleanse and then envelop your face in a warm compress, infused with botanical aromatic drops. Your skin is renewed with a gentle enzyme exfoliant, featuring papaya and pineapple.

A plant concentrate is pressed into the skin and the Janesce Perfecting Gel applied, which has a smoothing and plumping effect the skin.

Warmed Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil is then slowly brushed over your face. Breathe in the sweet aroma as 12 beautiful botanicals work their natural magic on your skin. A dreamy facial massage prepares your skin for a plant-based mask. While your skin absorbs the goodness you are treated to a hand or foot massage.

The mask is removed with a warm compress and a final facial massage will have you drifting off by the time the plant-based serum, lotion and sun-care is applied to finish. Enjoy a healthy Bestow treat and lemon water at the conclusion. Includes complimentary brow tidy.

+ Free Gift

After your facial, you’ll receive a free gift of a Janesce Soaking Cloth so you can continue the Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual at home. Establishing this twice-daily habit is a game-changer for skin, helping to rehydrate the upper layers the skin the encourage a healthy glow.  Embrace the #30daystoglow challenge and discover this skin-saving secret for yourself.

$170 for 1 hour 20 facial, complimentary brow tidy + take-home gift.

Janesce Skin Soaking

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