Jamele came into the Foster family on the 18th of January 1986. Pat’s pioneering vision and passion for naturally healthy living led her to embrace the holistic revolution in professional skincare decades before it became mainstream.At age 48, Pat went to Adelaide for two years to study beauty therapy under renowned naturopath Jan Smith, who went on to found Janesce on the belief that nature provides all that we need to enjoy good health and radiant skin.Upon her return to Tauranga, Pat spotted a little beauty clinic for sale, and with a vision for what it could become, snapped it up.

People were not always warm to a holistic approach to skincare in those days but Pat would quietly share her healthy secrets with those who were open to them. Eventually, the rest of New Zealand would catch up with her.



Shelley absorbed her mother’s holistic philosophies from a young age.“I remember Mum always had things bubbling and brewing away in the fridge,” she smiles.

When Shelley moved to Tauranga in 1990, she came on board as the Jamele receptionist, but it wasn’t long though before she caught the family bug, taking several years off to train as a beauty therapist before returning to work alongside her mother.

In 1998, Pat handed the reins to Shelley who has been managing the clinic ever since.“The holistic philosophy has continued to be very important to me as I have carried on Mum’s legacy.”

The science of skincare has developed hugely in the last 20 years so I also feel very fortunate to have been able to build on that legacy by combining a ‘whole-person’ approach with the latest advances in skincare products and technologies.”


To Partner With You to Achieve Beautiful Skin

Your highly trained therapist will draw on her knowledge of exceptional products, treatments and nutritional essentials to take care of your skin in the clinic. When you do your part at home the result will be healthy, radiant skin that looks as great as it feels. That is our vision is for you!

To Offer You a Nurturing Retreat

We know that you lead a busy life and give a lot of yourself to those around you. When you come to us, it’s your turn! We have created a relaxing soothing oasis for you, where you can come and let the cares of the world fall away while your body and soul are replenished and nurtured.

To Educate and Empower You

Knowledge is power, and we will empower you to make wise lifestyle choices, which will benefit your skin. We follow whole-heartedly the Janesce nutritional approach to vitality and will educate you about particular foods and supplements to take in order to nourish your skin from within.


Here at Jamele, we have assembled a talented team of passionate and exceptional therapists who are each very, very good at what they do. Our therapists are all well qualified and we undergo regular training and professional development so we are always up to date with important advances and changes in skincare.

Of paramount importance to each of us as therapists is our personal relationship with you, our client. We’re not trying to fit you into a one-size- fits-all solution but to get to know you and your skin really well.

We develop close relationships with our clients as the years (sometimes decades!) go by, sharing in your triumphs and tragedies. We count it a privilege to take care of you.




When we look to the future we know that we will continue to follow scientific developments and introduce advanced products and treatments that offer real value, but we will never lose sight of the holistic values at our foundation. Inner health is the real key to beautiful skin, and it always will be. We are not interested in growing bigger or branching out throughout New Zealand. Our vision is to continue as a boutique skincare clinic providing exceptional skincare to the women of Tauranga throughout the decades of their lives, and to continue this beautiful legacy by taking care of their daughters and granddaughters in turn.