As women we are often good at taking care of everyone else.  We sometimes need to be reminded that we are ‘someone’ too! For many women, the precious moments in the bathroom in the morning away from the ‘madding crowd’ are the only time they get to themselves all day.

We encourage you to turn those minutes of cleaning, toning and moisturising into mini-rituals of retreat.


Rather than making your skincare routine just another chore to get through, see it as an oasis in the desert, a pause in the busyness of your day where you intentionally pay attention to yourself.

It’s about turning everyday habits into daily sensory experiences laden with meaning.

It’s about skincare becoming self-care.

Set yourself up for the day by creating some moments of care and stillness in your morning routine.  Taking the time to connect with yourself with care and kindness creates an inner atmosphere which will carry you into your day with poise and grace.


1. Refreshing Lemon Ritual

Upon rising, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into warm water and enjoy it as a refreshing drink to enter the day with.

The first step to having gorgeous skin is to have great digestion. Even if you eat a healthy diet, you won’t absorb the nutrients unless your digestion is working efficiently. Beginning the day with lemon water is such a simple and yet effective way to prepare your body to digest your most important meal of the day, breakfast.

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2. Be Still Ritual

Find a corner somewhere in your house with a comfy chair and make it your ‘still space’.  Visit it every morning, sit comfortably in your chair, close your eyes, quiet your self and concentrate on your breathing for 5 minutes. It will be both harder and more rewarding than you think!  Little well-being rituals like this help to build stress resilience into your life, which is one of the best things you can do for your skin, especially if you are looking to heal skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Nutrition and stress management are essential tools alongside your topical skincare.



3. Janesce Soaking Ritual

‘Wet the Skin and Lock It In’ is the trademark principle behind the whole Janesce range. Beautifully hydrating Janesce mists and the Janesce Soaking Ritual maintain hydration on the surface of your skin, while the liquid herbs and moisturisers absorb deep into the lower layers of the skin, locking in that hydration for a fresh, dewy look. This approach is healing and nourishing to even the most sensitive skins.

The morning soaking ritual is very simple.  Do not use a cleanser in the morning – your skin is not dirty after a night-time on your pillow!  Instead soak a muslin cloth in several centimetres of warm water in your bathroom sink to which you have added 2-3 drops of Janesce Lavendar or Rose Soaking Drops.

Press this warm compress into your face for 10-15 seconds, then re-wet the cloth and repeat while you take 20 deep breaths. The soaking drops contain powerful plant extracts, which soften the skin. After this hydrating ritual your skin is ready to get the most out of your serum/concentrates and moisturisers.  Put them on directly after your soaking ritual – remember, ‘wet the skin and lock it in’.

The Janesce Glow | Transform Your Skin With Skin Soaking

Soaking gently rinses away impurities, encourages direct skin hydration and maximises your skin’s ability to absorb the active ingredients in your toner and moisturiser and other serums.

The balancing essential oils and warm compress make this both an enlivening and nurturing morning ritual.  It’s lovely!


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