Luk Lipsticks are at the leading edge of natural beauty.

If you eat organic food and avoid toxic chemicals in your cleaning products – this is the lipstick you’ve been waiting for!

Luk Lipsticks are made from food and are 100% natural and toxin free.  Based on the premise that “what goes on, goes in” Luk lipsticks avoid the carcinogenic chemicals that are standard fare in most lipsticks.  Instead, they are made from a potent mix of nutrient active ingredients, which nourish the lips and provide lasting hydration and protection.

And…they retail at a very reasonable $32.95.

Nourishing Ingredients

  • Avocado, sesame oils and cacao butter deeply moisturise.
  • Beeswax and lecithin lock in moisture.
  • Ginger and spices are rich in anti-inflammatories.
  • Citrus rich in vitamin C to help neutralise free radicals.

12 Mouth-Watering Sheer Colours

This range highlights natural beauty and the sheer shades are flattering on any skin tone.  Provides beautiful sheer pigment with the moisturising feel of a lip gloss.

  • Nude Cinnamon
  • Chai Shimmer
  • Peach Melon
  • Pink Juniper
  • Tea Rose
  • Rose Lime
  • Ruby Grapefruit
  • Mandarin Spice
  • Tangerine Pomegranate
  • Vanilla Chocolate
  • Cranberry Citrus
  • Cherry Plum

Meet Cindy Luken

Sydney-sider, Cindy Luken is a food scientist and the founder, CEO and product designer of Luk Lipsticks.  She is dedicated to disrupting the beauty industry to provide natural beauty products that nurture, rather than compromise, health and welling.

Cindy was shocked to realise even she, a food scientist well acquainted with chemicals, couldn’t recognise some of the ingredients found in lipsticks. Determined to offer women something better,  she set about creating a lipstick range made from food that was health supporting and toxin-free.  Watch the short video below to hear more of her journey.

The Luk Lipsticks Story

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