1392910_10152173569473243_132624165_n-e1382650124380-225x300Hi there, I’m Kathryn Overall – nice to meet you!

I’m a communications strategist, songwriter and Tauranga local and I had the privilege of being the first recruit to Jamele’s Skinfit Boot Camp in 2013.

Not long after I turned 30, I decided that I should start behaving like a grown-up as far as my skin was concerned.

I was pretty hit and miss with my skincare in my 20’s, alternating between good quality products and supermarket quality products depending on my situation, my budget or even my mood!

For me BootCamp is about taking my skincare seriously – taking the time and money to take good care of myself and invest in the health of my skin for the future.

My skin has definitely improved and I am enjoying the compliments from people who have noticed!

Here is a quick wrap-up of my Boot Camp Diaries.

My Boot Camp Kick-Start Session


I had a great Kick-start session. This is definitely my kind of boot-camp, where you don’t break a sweat at all and spend most of it in bed!

Toni took me through a lifestyle consultation (cause skincare is an inside-out job) and then did a skin analysis with bright lights and a magnifying glass. Yeah, that middle photo where I look like an alien! Toni said my skin was really dry so we made a plan for taking care of that both internally and externally.

We finished off with a facial treatment –a light Environ peel to start hydrating and waking up the skin –prepping it for the six weekly treatments ahead!

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Week 2 // Colostrum, Calves & Me


This week was the first of my six weekly facial treatments. Toni massaged in a lovely warm clay Environ Hydrating & Exfoliating mask –it felt delicious! She then followed that up with a gentle peel, and some colostrum. Now I’m a dairy famers daughter, and I know a thing or two about where colostrum comes from. It turns out my calves and I have a lot in common! My congestion has also been clearing (i.e. break-outs!) thanks to the Bestow Beauty Oil I have been taking.

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Week 3 // The Week of the Shroud


I will always think of this week as ’the week of the shroud’– that gauze on my face made me feel like I was wrapped in a shroud like some kind of saint in state!  In fact the gauze was part of the Environ Iontophoresis treatment Toni did this week.

So, it’s quite technical and sciencey, but basically as I understand it, the roller thing you can see emits a low direct current which pushes good products into the skin. It’s a way of getting vitamins and treatments deep into the skin in a way that is healthy, painless and non-invasive. I’m okay with that.

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Week 4 // Lighter & Brighter!


People have started complimenting me on how my skin looks which is rather nice. I even had someone come up to me as they have been following my Boot Camp diaries and wanted to see my skin close up!

Things are more or less improving quite nicely!  More refined texture, more hydrated, less rosy, way less congested.  Toni used the Environ lacm 2 Cool Peel on my skin today, which is great for hydrating, lightening and brightening.  I was quite naughty with water intake last week, but after discovering the science behind WHY we need to drink 8 glasses of water a day, I’ve been attached to my Pump water bottle.

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Week 5 // Gold star!


I can’t believe this is my last week –I’m going to miss my weekly Boot Camp sessions. At least I get a gold-star award from Toni!  She said, “I’m really excited how much progress we’ve been able to make with your skin in this short time. You have a lot less congestion, your pores are more refined, your skin looks brighter and light. And with all those these peels we’ve been doing, it’s going to look even better in a few weeks time!”

Thanks to all of you who have tagged along for my Boot Camp journey – it’s been fun! I’m really glad I did it –it has given me a fresh new understanding of so many things and I feel empowered to take really good care of my skin.  ~ Kathryn

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Boot Camp Graduation Bonus
Jane Iredale Make-Up Session


But wait there’s more!  As a bonus treat, Toni gave me a Jane Iredale make-up session and Shelley’s photographer husband Jeff came along for the session to take some snaps.  I have bought a few Jane Iredale products over the last few months.  I really love my Jane Iredale mineral powder –it’s such a natural day make-up and it’s amazing how effective it is a sun-protection.  ~ Kathryn

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Want Your Own Boot-Camp Story?

Making up for lost time? The Jamele Skin-fit Boot Camp is perfect for you if you are serious about taking care of your skin and want to fast track your progress towards skin health and vitality. As you have probably discovered, beautiful skin doesn’t just happen; you have to work at it.

At Jamele, we’re here to help you take action with a seven week personalised skincare action plan and treatment regime – its boot camp for your skin!

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