Dear Friends,

At Level 3, Jamele Skincare customers can order Joyce Blok skincare products by phone or email.

Only Janesce and Bestow have granted us permission to sell products via the Jamele Online Shop. This is why Joyce Blok products are not available for purchase on our e-commerce platform.

Please refer to the Joyce Blok product and price list below.  If you would like to know more about any of the products, please email us or call us on 578 7610.

For information on how to safely order Joyce Blok products from Jamele Skincare during Level 3 please CLICK HERE.

Joyce Blok Essential Products

Cleansers: Normal, Sensitive 200ml – $49
Tonic Lotion: Normal, Sensitive 200ml – $49
Moisturiser: Normal, Sensitive or Dry – $44
Night Cream: Normal, Sensitive or Dry – $47
Eye Cream -$47
Gentle Face and Body Exfoliant 60ml – $48

Joyce Blok Anti-Ageing Range

Anti-Ageing Cleanser -$62
Anti-Ageing Tonic -$62
Anti-Ageing Day cream – $79
Anti-Ageing Night Cream – $89
Anti-Ageing Eye cream – $80
Serum C10 – $90
Super Serum – $150
Collagen and Elastin Mask – $55
Linden Refining Mask – $55
Vitamin Cream Mask – $55

JB Men’s Range

Cleansing Scrub – $50
Moisturiser – $50

Order Joyce Blok Skincare

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Level 3: You Can Now Order Skincare Products from Jamele | Email, Phone, Online Shop

What Is Joyce Blok Known For?

Made by Kiwis, in New Zealand, For You

This range has the claim to fame of being New Zealand’s first locally developed beauty therapy brand, and the product range is created specifically with our climate and the needs of Kiwi men and women in mind.

Science Meets Nature

While the Joyce Blok team always keep a watchful eye on scientific advances in skincare occurring globally to inform the development of new products, the range possesses a strong emphasis on naturally sourced, active ingredients such as herbs,essential oils and vitamins. Marigold, rose, neroli, tea tree oil and peppermint are just some of the active botanical goodies in the range.

What We Love About Joyce Blok

  • The Joyce Blok range is divided into the Essential Care line, which contains effective daily basics that are very affordable, and the Enhanced Care line, which contains the more expensive highly effective cosmetic ingredients to address specific concerns. We find this mix and match option works well for our clients for whom affordability is a priority.
  • We like to support New Zealand made and New Zealand owned – and the good news is the high quality of Joyce Blok makes that an easy choice. I actually did my training at the Joyce Blok Beauty School in the early 1990’s so we have a long-standing relationship with this innovative company here at Jamele. ~ Shelley

Take care in your bubble! We are thinking of you, as together we continue to unite in our efforts to protect lives and livelihoods by eliminating COVID-19.

~ Shelley Foster & The Jamele Skincare Team