Janesce is much more than a product range, it’s an entire philosophy – one that has
been developed by an inspiring woman who we are proud to call a friend.

Janice Smith began her lifetime of work as a consulting naturopath in 1968, before
going on to found the Janesce skincare range in the 1980s on the belief that our skin
is a reflection of our inner health, and that nature has provided everything we need to
support our skin health both from within and without. The pure and wholesome plant
extracts used in the Janesce range are harvested from the beautiful Janesce Herb
Farm in the Adelaide Hills of Australia.

What Is Janesce Known For?

‘Wet the Skin and Lock It In’

This is the trademark principle behind the whole Janesce range. Beautifully hydrating
Janesce mists and the Janesce soaking ritual maintain hydration on the surface of
your skin, while the liquid herbs and moisturisers absorb deep into the lower layers of
the skin, locking in that hydration for a fresh, dewy look. This approach is healing and
nourishing to even the most sensitive skins.

Natural and Nourishing Approach to Skincare

Because Janesce products have been developed by a naturopath rather than a
cosmetic chemist, they embody a holistic philosophy that recognizes that our skin is a
reflection of our inner health. Janesce provide nutritional guides, menus and specially
formulated supplements to support skin health from the inside out. The pure, plantbased
products complement this approach from the outside in.

What We Love About Janesce

  • Pat Foster, the founder of Jamele studied under Jan Smith in the 1980’s before
    she had even created Janesce. Jan’s nutritional, holistic, ‘inside-out’ approach to
    skincare is deeply woven into the fabric of who we are at Jamele, so we have a strong affinity with this range.
  • This calming and soothing range is brilliant for sensitive skin, full of natural
    goodness and devoid of all harmful chemicals.


Is Janesce Right For You?

If you appreciate a natural, organic approach to skincare then you are likely to be
drawn to the Janesce philosophy and range. Janesce products also offer a particularly
sensory experience because of the fragrant lavender and rose essential oils used in
the range.

We often recommend Janesce to women with ultra sensitive skin, or skin conditions
such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis & acne as the products are so gentle and

Janesce Lifestyle & Naturopathic Consultation ~ 30 minutes ~ $55

A special and extensive naturopathic consultation is available which is highly
recommended for clients with skin problems. Full advice is given regarding nutrition
and topical product application.

Free Skin Consultation

If you are new to Jamele, we recommend you take advantage of our Free Skin
Consultation so one of our therapists can help you to select the skincare range that will
best suit your specific skin requirements.

Struggling With Your Skin?

If you have sensitive, tight, dehydrated skin or struggle with acne or rosacea you may find it helpful to have a skincare mentor. We highly recommend our one-on-one Holistic Skincare Consultation to begin that journey.

At Jamele Skincare, we take a holistic approach to treating skin conditions, drawing on the best that nature and science have to offer us. We can mentor you on your path to healing or improving your skin. READ MORE

Holistic Skincare Mentoring for Sensitive, Tight, Acne, Dehydrated Skin | Jamele Skincare





Three Janesce Products we Love

Lavender Soaking Drops ~ $39.50

This relaxing, soothing lavender essence comes in a concentrated water-soluble form.
Added to warm water, the stimulating blend of plant essences hydrate and treats the
skin, increasing the skins ability to absorb beneficial plant actives by up to 50%. An
ideal way to ensure your skin receives optimum benefit from your skin care routine.

Rose Cleanser ~ $65

This beautiful and gentle cleanser is created from a blend of four organic rose and
herb extracts to soften skin while cleansing. It is perfect for sensitive skin. It is also
suitable as an eye make-up remover, but of course doesn’t have all those harsh
chemicals you often find in other make-up removers.

Janesce B Complex Supplement ~ $38

The Vitamin B family is synergistic and you obtain the maximum benefit when you take
the complete B Complex. However for optimum skin health it is important to ensure
that you take a B Complex supplement that contains 50mg of B2 and 50mg of B6. The
Janesce B Complex Vitamin contains just this combination and is available on it’s own
or as part of our Skin Vitality Value Pack.

Come and see us at Jamele to see the full range of Janesce products.