Jane Iredale Skincare Make-Up

We are truly devoted to the gorgeous Jane Iredale Make-Up range here at Jamele and
once we introduce our clients to it, they are usually converted for life. Mineral make-up
is everywhere these days, but Jane Iredale was the true pioneer 20 years ago – literally
combining mineral powders in mixing bowls in her kitchen!

Jane used to work as a casting agent in the theatre and was alarmed at the speedy
decline of the actresses’ skin as they spent night after night caked in heavy make-up.
As a result of this experience she developed the worlds first mineral make-up range
with skincare benefits in the mid 1990’s and the world has beaten a path to her door
ever since.

What Is Jane Iredale Known For?

The Skincare Make Up

So many make-up ranges are full of comedogenic substances that clog your pores and
lead to a dull complexion. Not only does Jane Iredale makeup do no harm to your skin,
it actually provides active skin benefits. With a reputation as ‘The Skincare Makeup’, the
Jane Iredale range is so safe and beneficial that is recommended by plastic surgeons
and dermatologists throughout the world.

Beautiful Finishes

Jane Iredale mineral foundations have a beautiful finish on the skin. The nature of
high quality minerals is to interact with light, which is what gives these products their
celebrated soft-focus effect. The foundations also form a protective barrier on the skin
that allows it to breathe and function normally, providing great coverage without that
heavy, caked-on look.

What We Love About
Jane Iredale Make-up

  • We know it will do you good! When we are partnering with our clients to improve
    their skin health and appearance, it concerns us if they are using poor quality makeup, which can often counteract the good work your products and treatments are doing.We recommend Jane Iredale makeup because we know that it will only enhance and benefit your skin.
  • Jane Iredale mineral foundations provide wonderful sun protection. The mineral powders are actually a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one. I find that if I put Environ RAD sunscreen and Jane Iredale mineral powder on in the morning, I can spend all day out in the garden without getting burnt. ~ Shelley

My Jane Iredale Story ~ Ros Frost

“Your make-up looks great, so natural. What do you use?” are words I often hear. Jane Iredale is my answer!  I have been using Jane Iredale for the past 7 years. I changed from using a combination of Clarins and Almay make-up as I wanted a product that was as natural as possible with no parabens or chemicals.  My favourite Jane Iredale product is Lip Drink. It’s done wonders for my cracked, dry lips – no longer do I have them.  Following closely is the Pressed Powder, which has a high SPF, which prevents my skin burning and protects my face/neck when exercising outdoors.  I find Jane Iredale does not ‘cake’ and my skin feels make up free.”

Is Jane Iredale Right For You?

Unequivocally, yes. We recommend it to absolutely everybody, and particularly to
women who have sensitive skin or struggle with blocked pores and a dull complexion.
This makeup will let your skin breathe again, while giving you full coverage and a
gentle radiance.

Free Make Up Consultation ~ With Product Purchase

Not sure where to start or which products are best for your skin? Lisa, Elizabeth and
Toni are our Jane Iredale makeup queens and you can make an appointment with them
for a personal consultation. They will do your make up, introduce you to the range
and make recommendations on which products look great on you and best suit your
specific skin concerns. The consultation is free if you purchase Jane Iredale product
on the day, otherwise it is $48 for 30 minutes or $96 for an hour.

Free Skin Consultation

If you are new to Jamele, we recommend you take advantage of our Free Skin
Consultation so one of our therapists can help you to select the skincare range that will
best suit your specific skin requirements.



Three Jane Iredale Products we Love

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation ~ $95

A healthy mineral foundation makes a world of difference in enhancing your skin’s own
radiance. Healthy skin has no use for oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives,
parabens, or synthetic fragrance – so neither does Jane Iredale make up! This natural,
ultra water-resistant, all-day wearing, protective, mineral foundations will encourage
your skin to breathe and bring your essential beauty to light.

PureMoist Lipsticks ~ $48

These lipsticks feel as good as they look! The proven soothing properties of moringa oil
saturate the lips with vitamins A and C while coffee seed extract infuses with even more
antioxidant protection. Orange peel wax, plus ultra moisturizing avocado and sunflower
seed oils give a conditioning and quenched feeling to the lips. We love them.

Eye Steppes ~ $129

These compacts take the guess work out of choosing complentary eyeshadow shades.
There are five compacts, each containing five shades. Simply pick the compact that
best matches your eye color or skin tone and off you go. Each compact opens up like
a staircase to reveal all five shades and a mirror. Chose from goBlue, goBrown, go
Green, goCool or goWarm..

Come and see us at Jamele to see the full range of Jane Iredale










Learn how to create a beautiful, flawless make-up
base using the gorgeous Jane Iredale range. Our
lovely Lisa will teach you about the different kind of
bases, how to choose the right one for you and will
show you how to combine primers, foundation and
powders for a dewy, luminous, beautiful base. Enjoy!