Dear Friends,

At Level 3, Jamele Skincare customers can order Jane Iredale products by phone or email.

Only Janesce and Bestow have granted us permission to sell products via the Jamele Online Shop. This is why Jane Iredale products are not available for purchase on our e-commerce platform.

Please refer to the Jane Iredale product and price list below.  If you would like to know more about any of the products, please email us or call us on 578 7610.

For information on how to safely order Jane Iredale products from Jamele Skincare at this time please CLICK HERE.

Jane Iredale Make Up Price-List

We have most colour options for each product in stock.
Please visit for colours/shades.

Foundations/Base Products
Loose Bases $84
Pressed Base Refills $81
Empty Refillable compacts $24
Pure Matte Refills $84
Powder Me $95

Liquid Minerals $99
Glow time BB creams $106
Dream Tint $99.50
Beyond Matte Liquid $90

Facial Spritz 90 ml $59
Facial Primer Smooth Affair Brightener $106
Enlighten Concealer $75

Blushers & Bronzers
Bronzers $94
Blush powders $61
Cream Blush $55

Longest Lash $76
Pure Lash Lengthening $42
Pure Lash $42

Brow Care
Greatshape Eyebrow Kit $79
Eyebrow pencils $45
Eye pencils $27

Eye Shadows
Single $44
Duos $66
Triples $73

Lip Pencils $27
Lip Gloss $62
Triple Luxe Lipsticks $64
Lip Balms $37
Lip Crayons $45

Order Jane Iredale Make-Up

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What Is Jane Iredale Known For?

The Skincare Make Up

So many make-up ranges are full of comedogenic substances that clog your pores and lead to a dull complexion. Not only does Jane Iredale makeup do no harm to your skin,
it actually provides active skin benefits. With a reputation as ‘The Skincare Makeup’, the Jane Iredale range is so safe and beneficial that is recommended by plastic surgeons
and dermatologists throughout the world.

Beautiful Finishes

Jane Iredale mineral foundations have a beautiful finish on the skin. The nature of high quality minerals is to interact with light, which is what gives these products their
celebrated soft-focus effect. The foundations also form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally, providing great coverage without that heavy, caked-on look.

What We Love About Jane Iredale

  • We know it will do you good! When we are partnering with our clients to improve their skin health and appearance, it concerns us if they are using poor quality makeup, which can often counteract the good work your products and treatments are doing.We recommend Jane Iredale makeup because we know that it will only enhance and benefit your skin.
  • Jane Iredale mineral foundations provide wonderful sun protection. The mineral powders are actually a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one. I find that if I put Environ RAD sunscreen and Jane Iredale mineral powder on in the morning, I can spend all day out in the garden without getting burnt.

Take care in your bubble! We are thinking of you, as together we continue to unite in our efforts to protect lives and livelihoods by eliminating COVID-19.

~ Shelley Foster & The Jamele Skincare Team