I cried when I watched Jacinda Ardern’s announcement today. It feels like we are a country at war and this is an emotional time.

I whole-heartedly support the government’s decision to act decisively in an effort to protect our community from the loss of life that could occur if COVID-19 goes unchecked. 

In light of our nation going into self-isolation within 48 hours:
Jamele Skincare will close at 5pm today, Monday 23rd March. 

The prime minister said non-essential businesses in New Zealand must all close, including bars, cafes, restaurants and cinemas – and by extension, skincare clinics.

We were already preparing to close our doors. Many of our clients have been cancelling appointments in recent days, often saying “it feels like the responsible thing to do.” We share this value.

It has been a week of uncertainty, difficult decisions and a feeling of being in limbo. So what is happening today is emotional, but it is not a surprise – it is even a relief. The decision is made. Let’s lock down and stop this virus in it’s tracks.

What we offer at Jamele are close-contact services – skin assessments, facial treatments, personal grooming, massage. It is the up close and personal nature of skincare that makes our relationship with you meaningful to us. It is also what makes it unsafe right now.

Jamele Skincare will re-open when the country returns to normalcy.

In the mean-time, Jamele Skincare will continue to support your skin and wellbeing…from afar. You can continue to buy skincare and skin nutrition products, from our online store, or by emailing us on

I’ll provide more information about online ordering of skincare in the coming days.

But for now, process the news, make preparations, and ready yourself to play the grown-up version of that childhood classic game ‘go home, stay home’.

Your household, and the people within it, are now your universe for the next four weeks. Let’s make it a loving and supportive universe to live in!

Though we will be in isolation, we are relying on each more than ever.

Sending love from my household to yours,

Shelley Foster

Government Announcement

New Zealand’s Covid-19 alert level has risen to three and the country will go into a full lockdown in 48 hours, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed.