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If you are a Tauranga woman looking for a permanent removal options for unwanted hair, you’ve come to the right place!

Dealing with unwanted facial or body hair can sometimes be an embarrassing and isolating problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Understanding some of the causes and treatment options will empower you to make decisions about the best hair removal options for you.

We know that sometimes women feel shy about seeking out the hair removal information that will help them, so to make this easy we have prepared this Q&A blog post to help!

What’s the difference between normal and abnormal hair-growth?

You may be surprised to know that everyone has short, light and fluffy hair on their face and body. This is called vellus hair and in its normal form is sometime known as ‘peach fuzz’. This type of facial and body hair is normal and healthy.

There are two types of abnormal hair growth which can cause problems for some women.

1. Accelerated Vellus Hair occurs when the hair follicle becomes over-active resulting in the hair growing longer. The hair remains lightly coloured however.

2. Terminal Hair is thick and dark. The pigmentation in the hair indicates that the hair follicle has it’s own blood supply and is being stimulated by an over-supply of male hormones. There are three stages of terminal hair development – light terminal, medium terminal and finally heavy terminal.

What areas does terminal hair commonly grow on?

On the face, common areas are upper lip and points of the chin, and down the sides of the throat. Common areas on the body are around the nipples and the ‘linea alba’ – a trail of hair from tummy button to pubic hair.


What causes unwanted hair growth?

There are a number of factors that can cause unwanted hair growth.

Genetic Predisposition: We often inherit a tendency towards terminal hair growth from our parents or ethnic group. For example, South American women have a genetic pre-disposition to terminal hair growth.

Hormonal Imbalances: Women generally produce only small amounts of male-hormones (called androgens) in their body. If you have an over-supply of male hormones in your body this can result in terminal hair growth in unwanted places. It is also common to have a surge of hair growth at the key hormonal milestones in our life: puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome: Women who suffer from this syndrome which affects the balance of male and female hormones body are susceptible to hair growth.

Stress: Hormonal imbalances can be caused by stressful situations, which keep you in ‘flight or fight’ mode for extended periods of time. I, Shelley, recall a woman coming to see me who was a high level manager in a competitive, male-dominated work environment. The dynamics of her work environment were causing her to produce an excess of male-hormones, which was directly leading to unwanted hair growth.

It is not uncommon for our bodies to respond in this way as part of a strategy for coping with stresses of our role and environment. Every woman has to find ways to manage this dynamic for themselves but awareness that work-based stress can be a contributing factor to unwanted hair growth is often a helpful first step.


What happens if I pluck or wax unwanted hairs at home?

If you are dealing with dark, terminal hairs, plucking and waxing will stimulate the hair growth and make it worse over time. As soon as you pluck or wax a terminal hair you get a rush of blood to the site because you have essentially created a mini ‘wound’. The blood supply rushes to the wound and feeds the hair germ cell with nutrients and hormones. These stimulate the hair to grow stronger, longer and darker. Plucking and waxing works for the short-term but is ultimately counter-productive in the long-term.

How long does hair take to grow?

If you pluck a hair out today on the upper lip it will take 6 weeks to grow back, on the chin it will take 3 months.

What happens if I shave my unwanted hairs at home?

Shaving will not stimulate stronger hair growth in the way that waxing or plucking will, so it is a more effective option in that way. However you will have to shave quite regularly and it is not a very nice feeling.

What is your approach at Jamele to treating unwanted hair?

We begin our consultation exploring the possibility of hormonal imbalances. If evidence exists that this is an issue for you then we may refer you to an endocrinologist so that you can begin to address the problem at the hormonal level.

What hair-removal treatment options are available at Jamele?


Waxing is fine for for vellus hair growth – you can wax that without adverse affect. However the long term affect of waxing is you are bringing capillaries to the surface of the skin which can create a visible diffused redness. So by trying to solve one problem in this way sometimes you are simply creating another.


Electrolysis is the most effective, progressive permanent hair removal option.

We use the Blend method, the most advanced method of electrolysis. The procedure is performed on a hair-by-hair basis by passing a needle down the hair follicle. A direct current (DC) is passed down first, which creates a chemical reaction in the follicle. A high-frequency (HF) current is then applied which heats the chemical, killing the hair at the root. Sterile, disposable probes are used.

Hormones stimulate hair growth so it does take time to completely get rid of unwanted hairs. Electrolysis is permanent but not instant and a treatment plan spanning several years is likely to be necessary. Over time, we do get on top of it, and once we do the solution is permanent.

Electrolysis does cause discomfort with a sensation we describe as a mild bee-sting. On the other hand, some women have commented that the process is not as painful as they expected it to be.

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What should I do next?

Hair Removal Consultation | 30 minutes | $46

We invite you book in for a ‘Hair Removal Consultation’. During this session we will examine your areas of concern and discuss your history and our recommended solutions. We can also provide a test patch treatment of waxing or electrolysis if appropriate.

CLICK HERE for session prices on electrolysis.

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