Grooming Essentials

Lovely Eyes

If eyes are the windows to the soul, let’s make sure the blinds are in good shape!

In all seriousness, looking after your brows and eyelashes is one of the most effective
ways to enhance your facials features. Your brows frame your whole face, so having
a great shape is vital and tinting your eyelashes really does make your eyes stand out.

The hot Bay of Plenty sun bleaches the ends of our eyelashes, rendering them invisible,
so when they are tinted your lashes will immediately appear to have grown longer and

For optimum maintenance we recommend having your eyebrows shaped and
eyelashes shaped and tinted every 3 weeks.

Eyebrow shape or tint ~ 15 mins $28

Eyebrow shape and tint ~ 20 mins $36

Eyelash tint ~ 20 mins $34

Eyelash tint and brow shape or tint ~ 25 mins $47

Eyelash tint, eyebrow shape and tint ~ 30 mins $52

Eyelash perm and eyelash tint ~ 45 mins $99


When you wax, hair regrowth is softer and finer than with shaving and by waxing
regularly over a number of years you will actually significantly reduce your hair growth.
We encourage teenage girls to wax rather than shave right from the beginning of
puberty so that by the time they are 30 they will barely have any hair growth at all.
Imagine that?

We use a high quality wax, which has titanium dioxide in it – this compound is right up
there with zinc in terms of it’s healing and calming effect on the skin.

Waxing Essentials

Full leg including bikini ~ 60min $85

Full Leg and brazilian~ 105 min $120

Three quarter leg ~ 45min $62

Half leg ~ 30min $45

Top leg including bikini ~ 40min $55

Half leg, bikini and underarm ~ 60min $70

Half leg, bikini or underarm ~ 45min $65

Top leg including brazilian ~ 90min $99

Brazilian (First time) ~ 60min $87

Brazilian ~ 45min $65

Arm wax ~ 25min $38

Bikini and underarm ~ 30min $48

Bikini or underarm ~ 15min $30

Bikini and back of leg ~ 30min $40

Extended bikini ~ 30min $38

Lip or chin wax ~ 10min $27

Lip or chin bleach ~ 15min $25

Spray Tanning

Enjoy having an instantly beautiful, golden tan without having to spend hours in the
damaging sun. We use Vani-T  Spray Tan, which gives a lovely even coverage and
lasts for 7-10 days.

It is important that you do not use any deodorant or lotions, or even condition your hair
the day of your spray tan treatments, as these all put a barrier over your skin and can
result in patchy coverage with your tan.

We spray the Vani-T tan over your body in a private tiled shower room. A disposable
G-string will be provided, or you can choose to wear old black underwear or black togs
– it’s totally up to you!

Vani-T Spray Tan Full Body ~ 30 mins ~ $60

Vani-T Spray Tan Half Body ~ 20 mins ~ $40


Electrolysis & Red Vein Treatment

Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal treatment option. We use the Blend
method, the most advanced method of electrolysis. The procedure is performed on a
hair-by-hair basis by passing a needle down the hair follicle. A direct current (DC) is
passed down first, which creates a chemical reaction in the follicle. A high-frequency
(HF) current is then applied which heats the chemical, killing the hair at the root. Sterile,
disposable probes are used.

Electrolysis does cause discomfort with a sensation we describe as a mild bee-sting.
On the other hand, some women have commented that the process is not as painful as
they expected it to be.

Hormones stimulate hair growth so it does take time to completely get rid of unwanted
hairs. Electrolysis is permanent but not instant and a treatment plan spanning a
number of months and sometimes even years may be necessary. Over time, we do
get on top of it, and once we do the solution is permanent.

Electrolysis can also be used to treat visible red veins/capillaries on the surface of
the skin. We trace the line of the capillaries, using electrolysis at regular intervals to
cauterize and block the flow of blood. This causes the surface of the skin to return to
normal. It is not safe to perform red-vein treatment on legs. The red-vein treatment
‘safe area’ is no lower than the heart line.

Electrolysis Sessions

15 mins ~ $32

20 mins ~ $40

30 mins ~ $52

45 mins ~ $78

60 mins ~ $95

Red-Vein Sessions

15mins ~ $45

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