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There’s no getting around it, winter is tough on our skin.  At Jamele Skincare, we see this first-hand.

During summer, humidity keeps the upper layers of the skin hydrated.

With the sudden drop in temperature extra moisture in the air disappears. Your skin can become tight, dry and dehydrated in these conditions.

Fine lines, wrinkles and red capillaries become visible. It seems like it happens overnight!

What’s more, cold winds outside and heat pumps inside can dehydrate your skin. These winter changes can cause rosacea and skin irritations to worsen.


It’s not all bad news. By tweaking your skincare regime you can re-hydrate your skin. The right products will help your skin to hold-onto moisture, plumpness and softness.

During winter, Jamele Skincare is offering a free skin consultation worth $55. This includes a skin scan. Your therapist will give you personalized advice on the state of your skin. She’ll help you choose the best skincare products to support beautiful skin through winter.

Are you a long-term Jamele Skincare client? We would still love you to come in for this free skin scan. We would like to check up on your skin and fine-tune your skincare regime.

Call Kay on 578 7610 or email us on to book your skin scan and consultation. The consultation is free if you buy product on the day. Otherwise, the cost is $55.


Our skin scanner gives you a thorough assessment of your skin. It provides amazing visual clarity. This is what makes it so effective. When we know the true condition of your skin, we are better able to help you to improve it.

The DermaPRO skin analyser takes a photo of your face. It produces images to highlight specific concerns. (i.e. pigment, redness, lines, pores, porphyrin, oil, texture, acne and dehydration.) It produces a detailed assessment report, including graphs. It also gives chronological age comparisons!

The machine stores your records on the computer. When your return for a consultation in the future, we can compare before and after photos. Statistical analysis will report on changes and improvements.

The more you know about your skin, the better you can look after it.

Putting It To The Test | Melanie’s Skin Scan

Melanie Stevenson, who helps us out with our communications, was a willing(ish) guinea pig…

“I have to admit, I was slightly apprehensive about having my skin analysed in such clarity! Until I started working with Jamele Skincare, I haven’t really looked after my skin that well in my 38 years. I was rather fearful at what may be uncovered. I have been using Dermaviduals products for six months. Shelley recommended I take vitamin B and zinc supplements. I was pleasantly surprised with my results. The skin scanner gave my age as 34! The results showed I don’t have much sun damage (whew). My pore size and oil flow is good. I have minimal acne (4%) and 40% wrinkle rate (which wasn’t that thrilling).

My biggest concern wasn’t the sensitivity of my skin (which at 12% is low). It was the roughness of my skin, especially on my cheeks. Shelley explained this could be from years of using rough exfoliants. These strip the skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving my skin vulnerable. Shelley prescribed me the Janesce Gentle Enzyme Peel. This product uses enzymes from pineapple and papaya to refine skin. I’ll use this beautiful smelling product twice a week. This will maintain my skin’s barrier function and help reduce roughness.

The whole process was straight forward. You simply pop your face in the scanner, wait a minute or so and it’s done. The photos themselves are far from glamorous! But, I found the results really interesting. I am definitely keen to have ongoing skin scans to keep on track with my skincare.”

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Call Kay on 578 7610 or email us on to book your free skin scan consultation. The consultation is free if you buy product on the day. Otherwise, the cost is $55.

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Jamele Skincare 6-Week Pigmentation Bootcamp

During winter, we are offering a six-week pigmentation boot camp. This includes a free initial consultation and six, weekly 30- minute treatments targeting pigmented areas.  At Jamele Skincare, we have an Environ DF machine. This allows us to infuse treatment products deeply into the skin using sonophoresis and iontophoresis. In order to get results, it’s essential to use Environ Focus Care products at home. These support the clinic treatments and maximise results.

$88 per treatment. Begin any time during winter. Call us on 578 7610 to book, or speak to your therapist.

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Jamele has passed from mother to daughter and our philosophy encompasses the ageless truths of skin care wisdom combined with the latest technological and scientific developments in skin care. Our approach is thoughtfully holistic. We believe that our skin reflects our lives so we are passionate about helping you to cultivate beautiful skin from the inside out.

Skin-nourishing nutritiontop quality supplementsself-care and life-vitality choices are all weaved into the fabric of who we are at Jamele. Our Tauranga facial and body treatments and skin care products are of the highest quality and it’s our pleasure to take care of you when you come to see us.

~ Shelley Foster & Pat Foster