ShelleyCircleNewAt Jamele, we have the privilege of taking care of clients who are serious about taking care of their skin.

But we have noticed a common blind spot in many women and it worries us.

Most Bay of Plenty women don’t take sun-care seriously enough.

Spending money on facial treatments, and good quality skincare products, and then not using a high quality sunscreen –is like carrying your cash around in a wallet with a big hole at the bottom of it. No matter how much good stuff you put in, there’s nothing to preserve and protect it!

Why is wearing sun-screen such a big deal?

We love glorious summer days as much as the next person, but the sad fact is that our harsh New Zealand sun is damaging.


The sun is a threat to your skin health, a threat to your youth, a threat to the appearance and beauty of your skin, and with the genuine risk of skin-cancer in our country a threat to your safety.

Your skin barrier function needs support in order to preserve your hydration, your youthful appearance, your skin tone and texture and your cellular integrity. A good sunscreen will lock in the positive activity that is happening in your skin thanks to the active benefits of your products, treatments and skin nutrition.

Not All Sunscreens Are Created Equal

In simple terms, there are two types of sunscreen formulations – chemical and physical.

Chemical Sunscreens ✗2

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the suns rays into the sunscreen –theoretically stopping the rays from reaching your skin. The problem with this approach is that some research indicates that chemical sunscreens have been linked to skin cancer.

Physical Sunscreens ✓

Physical sunscreens contain key ingredients, which reflect and repel the harmful rays instead of absorbing them.

The active ingredients are Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. These might sound malicious, but they are far from it!  These compounds actually physically sit on top of your epidermis –literally creating a ‘second skin’–that all-important protection.

Remember the fluro zinc we used to put on our kids faces at the beach?  That is a 100% physical sunscreen, and is the most effective of all.  Unfortunately it’s not quite so appropriate at 40 as it is at 11!

There are not really any adult equivalents of 100% physical sunscreens, but there are some that get pretty close.

Jamele Recommends: Environ RAD Sunscreen ✓

At Jamele, we highly recommend you wear Environ RAD Sun Protection Cream on your face, neck and décolletage, and in fact the hole body.


RAD is a mainly physical block and one of the key benefits described by Dr. Des Fernandes who developed RAD is the fact  that it is combined with vitamin A, C and E. These are great free radical fighters and combined with Titanium Dioxide and a small amount of chemical sunscreen, all bases are covered.

RAD combats the effects of the sun and pollution to the skin. So essentially you are keeping bad things out whilst putting good things in.

Environ RAD Sun Protection Cream is available at Jamele for $63.


Get Environ RAD Sunscreen From Jamele

You’ll find us at the 487 Cameron Rd on the corner of 10th Avenue (across from the Warehouse).  We’d love to introduce you to RAD and we hope that taking sun care seriously becomes a life-time habit!

Why Tauranga Women Love Environ RAD Sunscreen

“This is one sunscreen I would not do without! Have introduced to all my immediate family who also use it. Use it 365 days a day on top of my moisturiser, whilst others burn saying they have sunblock on, I don’t. Have been using it for years, highly recommended. Don’t forget the back of your hands also –especially if like me you do a lot of driving!”~ Ros Frost

“I use RAD because like most women, we listen to your practical advice on avoiding the harmful rays of the sun yet often find ourselves seeking the wonderful warmth and feel-good feelings that come with summer holidays. RAD gives me the confidence to have fun outdoors and still know that my precious skin is being protected. Because I’m purchasing RAD from a specialised skincare company I know the quality ingredients used are concentrated and highly effective. Sincerely yours for over 15 years.” ~ Jillayne Boffa

“I buy Environ RAD for my 14-yr old daughter to use as this is the only sunscreen that does not cause her face to burn and react. It is perfect for her delicate young skin, well worth the price in my opinion.”~ Julie Waddell

“I use RAD sunscreen and have done for a few years now. I have extremely sensitive dry skin and finally I have found a face sunblock that does not irritate my skin and gives me the protection I need. I enjoy sport and use it even when it is windy (and not sunny) as it provides protection from the elements.”~ Dianne Sanford

Mount Beach

“I have been using Environ RAD sunscreen for 2 years and it is the best sunscreen I have used. I have had no reaction to it and have never been sunburned since using it. I use it every day, and find that my mineral powder blends well over it. I am very happy with it and will continue to use it. (I am in my 60s)”~ Linda White

“I love using RAD sunblock as it goes on easily, doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on my skin and works extremely well. I have worn it every day this summer and never got sunburnt, even when spending all day out in the sun or at the beach.”~ Kim Tanner

“I really like RAD sun screen it is easy to apply, works well throughout the day and doesn’t have a strong fragrance. Environ products are great for my skin as in the past I have had sensitive skin and trouble as a result. Environ has reduced these problems significantly.”~ Anne Hunter

“I use Environ as you don’t need much at all, it is not thick and you don’t feel like you are wearing a layer of grease on your face and it workers perfectly with my face regiment- thanks to Lisa!! Yes it’s more pricey, but you don’t use much!”~ Jacqui Henderson

Sunbathing Main Beach

“I like it because it is not greasy or smelly, it goes smoothly on to my skin and doesn’t build up any ‘gluggy’feeling mixed with other skin care products.I buy even though it is expensive because it is good for my skin –it works!”~ Tracy Giacons

“Environ RAD is light, easy to apply and non greasy and it’s nice to be assured that my face is fully protected from with a cream that is also good for the skin”. ~ Nicky Jury

“I love it because it is easy to apply, smooth & creamy. Definitely don’t need much at all so tube lasts longer than others & you don’t have to do the “smeary thing”. It’s good for all the family even the guys & knowing it is moisturising & nourishing the skin with it’s goodies means the guys are getting some goodness without them having to think of extra creams. Easy to apply makeup over application too.”~ Leanne Paget

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~ Shelley Foster & Pat Foster