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At Level 3, Jamele Skincare customers can order Environ products by phone or email.

Only Janesce and Bestow have granted us permission to sell products via the Jamele Online Shop. This is why Environ products are not available for purchase on our e-commerce platform.

Please refer to the Environ product and price list below.  If you would like to know more about any of the products, please email us or call us on 578 7610.

For information on how to safely order Environ products from Jamele Skincare at this time please CLICK HERE.

Environ Skin Essentia Products

AVST Gel $85
AVST 1 Moisturiser – $85
AVST 2 Moisturiser – $87
AVST 3 Moisturiser – $89
AVST 4 Moisturiser – $99
AVST 5 Moisturiser – $120
Oil Free eye makeup remover -$53
Pre- Cleansing oil -$52
Hydrating Clay Masque – $61.60
Mild Cleansing Lotion – $82
Moisturising Toner – $83
Eye Gel – $70

Environ Youth Essentia Products

Cleansing Lotion – $91
Peptide Toner – $134
Peptide Eye Gel – $114
Peptide Serum 1 – $257
Peptide Serum 2 – $257
Peptide Serum 3 – $257
Peptide Serum 4 – $278
Peptide Serum Plus – $329
Defence Crème – $227
Defence Crème Plus – $249

Environ Focus Care Youth +

Revival Masque – $105
Frown Serum – $315
Avance Elixir -$159
Retinol Serum 1 – $83
Retinol Serum 2 – $88
Retinol Serum 3 – $94

Environ Focus Care Moisture +

Super Moisturiser $69
Hydrating serum $139
Hydrating oil capsules $139
Colostrum gel $90
Antioxidant gel $68
Mela Fade Serum x 2 $129
Mela Prep Lotion $75
Mela Intense C-Boost $95


RAD Sunscreen – $63
Enhanced AC&E Body Oil – $105
Derma Lac Lotion – $105

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What Is Environ Known For?

Pioneering Significant Doses of Vitamin A in Skincare

The inclusion of significant levels of vitamin A in skincare formulations is common place these days among professional skincare ranges, but it was not always so. Dr
Des Fernandes was actually the first person in the world to introduce vitamin A in high effective doses into skincare formulations, heralding a new era in the treatment of sun damaged

Vitamin A Step-up System // AVST 1-5

Environs’ AVST unique step-up moisturiser system works by slowly increasing the levels of vitamin A and other essential vitamins and antioxidants in your moisturiser to ensure that your skin adapts to the active elements in a safe and healthy manner. Beginning with an AVST Level 1 moisturiser and working up to AVST Level 5, we guide your skin on its journey to a soft glowing appearance one step at a time.

What We Love About Environ

  • Some of our all-time favourite products – RAD sunscreen and C-Quence Eye Gel – are Environ products! Vitamin A is the most important factor in anti-aging, so we love the high, effective doses that Environ supplies. The skin can protest with redness and irritation if your skin is not acclimatized to Vitamin A properly, so we think the AVST step-up system is brilliant.
  • Environ is also a great range for dealing with acne. The magic of Vitamin A is that it regulates oil flow, so while it increases oil flow for dry, mature skins, it is also brilliant at reducing oil production on acne-prone skins.

Take care in your bubble! We are thinking of you, as together we continue to unite in our efforts to protect lives and livelihoods by eliminating COVID-19.

~ Shelley Foster & The Jamele Skincare Team