Hi ladies,

I am delighted to invite you to participate in the Jamele Dermaviduals VIP Day on Thursday November 1st, 2018. We are thrilled to be hosting Cheryl Byrne, of Dermaviduals New Zealand. Cheryl will be at Jamele offering a free skin scan and analysis for pre-booked clients.

To secure your spot, call Kay on 578 7610 or email us on skincare@jamele.co.nz

Shelley Foster | www.jamele.co.nz

Book a FREE Dermaviduals skin analysis consultation

Cheryl can offer you a whole new way to look at your skin using our the VISIA Skin Scanner which gives you a comprehensive evaluation of your skin type with amazing visual clarity. The scanner accurately presents you with ‘the truth’ about your skin, which helps to enhance our treatment of your skin’s unique needs. Cheryl will review what products you are currently using and prescribe a recommended course of treatments and products customised to your unique skin needs.

Dermaviduals is a bespoke premium skincare range we have trusted for years. At Jamele, we have 43 different dermaviduals liposomes, nanoparticles, extracts, oils and concentrates that we can use to make a serum specific to your individual skin type or skin condition.

Your private consultation will be 45 minutes and usually costs $55 but is being offered for FREE on Thursday, 1st November.

Message from Cheryl

“I am excited to spend the day at Jamele and introduce the skin scanner that produces different graphical images to analyse the skin in detail. We can then plan your skin and product needs – dermaviduals is bespoke and individual just for you! I look forward to meeting everyone.”

Book Me In!

Call Kay on 578 7610 or email us on skincare@jamele.co.nz to book your free skin consultation with Cheryl Byrne, complete with an assessment by the DermaPRO 3S Photographic Skin Analyser.

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Skin-nourishing nutritiontop quality supplementsself-care and life-vitality choices are all weaved into the fabric of who we are at Jamele. Our Tauranga facial and body treatments and skin care products are of the highest quality and it’s our pleasure to take care of you when you come to see us.

~ Shelley Foster & Pat Foster