Jamele therapist, Carmen Bowker, and I recently attended the Environ national conference in Auckland. The guest speaker was Dr Des Fernandes, the founder of Environ Skincare.

I was inspired by the impressive results he is getting with Dermal Rolling. Carmen is one of our Environ queens at Jamele. I asked her to share her experience of meeting one of her heroes

Carmen Meets Dr. Des Fernandes

“It was an honour to finally meet the founder of Environ Skincare. Dr Des Fernandes is a lovely man who uses Environ himself. He is continually researching, improving products and creating new ones. I respect his experience and in-depth knowledge.  I feel that I learned a lot from him that I can pass on to my clients, and other therapists.”

Why I Love Environ

I love Environ because it really works.  It is such a large range that can be tailored to your specific needs. I have personally used Environ for over five years and have had great results.

I also have many clients who have had amazing results. This has come from a combination of using Environ products at home and having regular facial treatments.  Dermal rolling and the new hand-held DF son/ionto device are recent innovations. You can really enhance your skin’s journey with these options.  ~ Carmen

Whats the Deal with Dermal Rolling? Jamele Skincare Explains