Are you suffering from weak, broken, brittle eyelashes?  You’ve come to the right place for help.

One of the perks of being a Skincare Therapist at Jamele, is that I get to try out the latest products on the market.  I have been personally trialing Revitalash Lash Conditioner for the last few months and I am totally in love with this product!

Before using Revitalash, I was regularly getting eyelash extensions, but I found that the glue was weighing down my lashes and they were becoming very brittle and short.

When applied regularly, eyelash extensions actually cause a lot of trauma.

I ended up with a lot of eyelashes missing, which meant of course that I then I had to keep getting eyelash extensions because otherwise my eyelashes were rather non-existent!


Revitalash got me out of this vicious cycle and I now recommend it as a healthier and much more effective option to my clients who are currently having regular eyelash extensions.  I also recommend it to anyone who would enjoy having long, luscious lashes.

When you think about it, we use all manner of conditioners and hair treatments to keep our hair healthy and strong –but we really do forget about out lashes –lashes are hair too!

If your experience is like mine Revitalash will help to promote healthy long, thick, volumised lashes –the lashes you have always wanted.


The Revitalash Story

The story behind this product is quite touching. Dr. Brinkenhoff created this product as a special gift to his wife Gayle while she was recovering from breast cancer.

Intensive chemotherapy had damaged Gayle’s once beautiful lashes, so this amazing husband and doctor went to work and developed Revitalash. The lash conditioner renews lashes that are fragile, brittle or thin and enhances the strength and fullness of natural lashes.


How to Apply Revitalash Effectively

Revitalash should be applied once a day to your top lashes, as though it were eye liner.

When I first started using Revitalash I quickly learnt that less is best – this is a very active little product.  I was overusing it at first and found I had little lashes sprouting on my upper eyeliner line!  Not a good look…

I quickly changed my method and started to wipe off excess when drawing the applicator from the product, and made sure I just applied it to my lash line.  Since doing that I have seen a big improvement in the growth of my lashes.



Praise for Revitalash

‘Bride Blog’ aptly described Revitalash as a “push-up bra for your eyelashes!”

Revitalash 3 Month Supply

A 3 month supply of the Revitalash Lash Condition costs $120.  We do have special offers with Revitalash from time to time.  Keep an eye on Facebook and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Buy Revitalash at Jamele

You’ll find Jamele Skincare Centre at 487 Cameron Road (Across the road from the Warehouse, on the same side of the road).  You are welcome to come in for a closer look and a chat! ~ Lisa