For years Bestow Beauty have been providing Jamele clients with plant-based skin nutrition products to nourish skin from within.

I am delighted to announce that Janine Tait of Bestow has just launched a beautiful collection of plant-powered topical skincare products, called The Graces. This is a small collection of specifically targeted products designed to bestow grace upon specific skin concerns and challenges.

Message from Janine Tait

“In Greek mythology, the Graces were a trio of goddesses who personified beauty, charm and grace. They embodied these feminine virtues and bestowed them upon women. I think of this mythical trio as the original beauty therapists. They inspire me as symbolic archetypes who bestow beauty and grace and work together to help women blossom.”

~ Janine Tait

The Graces Collection

The beautiful Bestow Nourishing Facial Oil has been rebranded as The Graces Nourishing Oil. It is accompanied by the brand new The Graces Soothing Duo, made up of The Graces Soothing Serum and The Graces Soothing Oil.

The Graces Nourishing Oil is an enriching blend of 12 beautiful plant oils is bursting with EFA’s, vitamins and antioxidants. It has a gorgeous botanical fragrance and delivers plant therapy to revive dull, lack-lustre skin.

The Graces Soothing Serum is designed to bestow grace upon sensitised skin conditions such as rosacea.  It features calming botanicals to reduce inflammation and strengthen sensitised skin. This lays the foundation for soft, smooth, beautiful skin.

The Graces Soothing Oil is rich in healing plant oils that nourish the skin and seal in moisture. Improved hydration stimulates enzyme action, which in turn helps to rebuild a damaged skin barrier.

These products use plant power, don’t contain any nasties, are not tested on animals and are made right here in New Zealand.

Each formulation honours holistic wisdom and delivers plant therapy to transform skin naturally. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Available for purchase at Jamele Skincare, 487 Cameron Road Tauranga.  Or, buy online via the links below.