Bestow Beauty

The Bestow range offers nutrient-rich edible cosmetics, which are beautiful skincare
products of the ‘inside-out’ variety. Founder, Janine Tait describes Bestow as “a
philosophy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods lovingly
created to support your inner health and outer beauty.”
Janine Tait is a Tauranga local and a good friend of ours. We are very proud to stock
the three Bestow foundation products, Bestow Beauty Oil, Beauty Beauty Powder and
Bestow Be Cleansed Detox Powder, which our clients love. Janine is also the local
Janesce supplier for New Zealand, and the Bestow philosophy marries beautifully with
the Janesce holistic approach to health and skincare.

What Is Bestow Beauty Known For?

Beautiful Beliefs

Each of the Bestow products contains only treasures from nature and is free from all
chemical and synthetic ‘baddies’. Rather than looking to big brands and modern
science for all the answers, the Bestow philosophy finds rich inspiration in the healing
gifts of nature and draws on the wisdom that has been handed down from mother to
daughter for thousands of years.

The Bestow Beauty Oil ~ Bestow’s Flagship Product

Bestow Beauty Oil provides high quality Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in a nuttyflavoured
blend of flax and golden flax oil. Of the six nutrients, which are most
essential for healthy skin, EFAs are arguably the most important. They are a rich
food for your skin, which calm inflammation and redness, ‘unblock’ congestion, and
moisturise from within creating soft, smooth and velvety skin. You’ll find this product in
our ‘Skin Vitality Value Pack’ – we consider it an essential!

What We Love About Bestow at Jamele

One of our favourite things about Bestow are the beautiful recipes they create for our
clients. If you need inspiration for eating wholesome food the Bestow recipe cards
will become your new best friends! Beautifully designed and photographed they will
look great lying around your kitchen, but more importantly, the recipes are delicious
and nutritious in equal measure. We give out recipe cards free of charge with Bestow
purchases. They have also recently released a stunning Bestow Food Journal, which is
a collection of favourite recipes. This is available for purchase from Jamele for $19.95.

My Bestow Story ~ Kathryn Overall

Kathryn Overall LD Head Shot

I first started using Bestow Beauty Oil when I was doing Skin-Fit Boot Camp. My skin was ‘sahara desert’ dry when I began.

Toni recommended that I take 1-2 tablespoons of Bestow Beauty Oil every day to moisturise my skin from the inside out, to complement the products we were using externally on my skin. My skin is now plump and well moisturised, but the thing I love most about Bestow Beauty Oil is that it clears congestion in my skin so my skin looks bright and refined.

I actually started breaking out when I first used it! Toni explained to me that the EFAs were actually liquefying congestion in my skin and bringing it to the surface. I was taking zinc at the same time, which really helped with the healing process.

Is Bestow Right For You?

Bestow products are right for everybody! We would love every one of our clients to
include all three of the Bestow products in their daily skincare rituals. We recognize
that budget constraints mean this is not always possible, so if we had to choose one,
we would recommend the first product Janine ever developed, Beauty Beauty Oil.
This is because quality EFA’s are so crucial for supporting healthy moisture levels
in normal skin and for healing dry or problematic skin. If you suffer from dry skin
conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or from some forms of acne, Bestow Beauty Oil
can make a big difference.

Free Skin Consultation

If you are new to Jamele, we recommend you take advantage of our Free Skin
Consultation so one of our therapists can help you to select the skincare range that will
best suit your specific skin requirements.

Struggling With Your Skin?

If you have sensitive, tight, dehydrated skin or struggle with acne or rosacea you may find it helpful to have a skincare mentor. We highly recommend our one-on-one Holistic Skincare Consultation to begin that journey.

At Jamele Skincare, we take a holistic approach to treating skin conditions, drawing on the best that nature and science have to offer us. We can mentor you on your path to healing or improving your skin. READ MORE

Holistic Skincare Mentoring for Sensitive, Tight, Acne, Dehydrated Skin | Jamele Skincare












Three Bestow Products we Love

Bestow Beauty Oil ~ $45

This is our favourite Bestow product. Bestow Beauty Oil contains high levels of
important Essential Fatty Acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) in a nutty-flavoured blend of
flax and golden flax oil. We recommend you take it daily, by mixing it into yoghurt or
smoothies, or taking it straight from a spoon. Every morning when you put on your skin
moisturiser, let it remind you to also go to the fridge and have your edible moisturiser!
This is one skin-food you should not do without.

Bestow Beauty Powder ~ $48

This powder contains a delicious and beautifying blend of nutrient-rich plants. They
give your body an abundant supply of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, all of which
will help you to grow strong and beautiful skin, hair and nails. It has a mild, slightly
sweet flavour and includes the following super nourishing goodies: flaxseed fibre, kelp,
spirulina, alfafa, coconut, blackcurrant extract and pumpkin flour. Enjoy.

Bestow Be Cleansed ~ Detox Powder ~ $56.60

Your skin is a reflection of what is going on in your body, and if your body is not
eliminating toxins efficiently this can make your skin look dull and can contribute to
problematic skin disorders such as acne, blemishes and eczema. This detox powder
contains a blend of natural super-foods, which will gently encourage your liver and
bowel to eliminate toxins regularly. As well as feeling better, you will enjoy a clearer,
more radiant skin complexion.

Come and see us at Jamele to see the full range of Bestow Beauty