Dear friends,

As we round the bend to Christmas, I would like to pause and thank all of our loyal clients who have supported us through this difficult year.

I can’t say I ever anticipated a year like we’ve had – coping with a pandemic and it’s economic implications. 2020 was not a year you could plan for!   We have come through it due to an amazing team and our truly lovely clients.  It seemed to me that everyone stood up and had the attitude, “we can do this”!

My husband Jeff and I are spending Christmas at home with Mum and our son Jesse.  It is a quiet one for us as my son Jonathan and his wife Lisa have just had a baby girl – my first granddaughter! Baby Charlotte arrived late Novemeber and is a healthy, happy baby who sleeps like a dream most of the time. She will be just 5 weeks old at Christmas so the family will stay in Whangarei.

Many of you still ask after my Mum, Pat Foster, who ran Jamele for many years.  Age is catching up with Mum  and she keeps a very low profile these days. She enjoys her books and music. She loves hearing about her clients that are still coming into Jamele after all these years. She remembers you all, and wishes you all well.

In 2021, Jeff and I are planning to see a little more of New Zealand. We never really have and are long overdue. In the past there always seems to have been something more important to do, but we feel that now is the time –  a thought that many New Zealander’s are having I suspect.

Wishing you and yours are a Merry Christmas and summer holiday break.

Take care everyone and enjoy your family and friends.

~ Shelley Foster