Janesce Skin Soaking is a simple daily ritual.

It revives dull skin, creating a natural, luminous glow.

Try our #30toglow challenge and see for yourself!

Skin soaking truly transforms skin.

But only if you do it every day.

Every. Day.

This means you need to establish this beautiful ritual as a daily habit.

At Jamele Skincare, we have a 30 day challenge to help you do just that!

Four Steps to Glowing Skin

1//   Purchase a Janesce  Introductory Pack from Jamele Skincare.

Buy in store at 487 Cameron Road, Tauranga or online.

2//  Download the free 30 Days to Glow guide.
30 Days to Glow | Free Booklet (85 downloads)

3//  Soak your skin twice-daily for 30 days.

4//  Enjoy your natural, beautiful Janesce glow!

What is Skin Soaking?

Skin soaking involves immersing a Janesce Soaking Cloth in warm water infused with Janesce Soaking Drops.

You press the cloth to your face while taking five deep breaths, and repeat three times.

The skin soaks in precious moisture, which you immediately seal it in by applying your Janesce skincare products.

Why Should I Care About Skin Soaking?

Most women have dehydrated skin without even knowing it. They have come to accept dull, dry skin as normal.

Air conditioning, sun exposure and over-cleansing have a dehydrating effect on the skin. When this happens your skin can exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Skin looks dull and dry.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines become more visible.
  • Skin easily flushes in cold or hot temperatures.
  • Your skin often feels like it needs exfoliation
  • Skin congests easily and is prone to acne and breakouts.
  • Increased redness and inflammation

How Does Skin Soaking Help?

Rehydrating the skin’s outer layers helps to correct these conditions. It revitalises enzyme action and brings dull skin back to life.

Daily skin soaking offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces skin redness.
  • Smoothes skin and plumps out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Refines pores and prevents pimples and blockages.
  • Activates enzyme action to revitalise skin.
  • Increases effectiveness of skincare products.
  • Promotes a natural, luminous glow – at any age.

Can You Skin Soak with Other Skincare Ranges?

Yes, absolutely.  Skin soaking is designed by Janesce and is an integral part of their plant-based approach to natural skincare.

Janece skincare products are concentrated and designed to perfectly seal in the hydration from skin soaking.  However, skin soaking is a beneficial step for all skincare routines and complementary with Environ, Dermaviduals and Joyce block skincare products.

Up for the #30toGLOW Challenge?

30 Days to Glow | Free Booklet (85 downloads)