Skin-fit Boot Camp

Making up for lost time? Boot Camp is perfect for you if you are serious about taking care of your skin and want to fast track your progress towards skin health and vitality. As you have probably discovered, beautiful skin doesn’t just happen; you have to work at it. Chances are you work hard to keep your body healthy and fit – but what have you done for your skin lately?
At Jamele, we’re here to help you take action with a seven week personalised skincare action plan and treatment regime – its boot camp for your skin!

It’s time to give your skin a boost with hydrating treatments that regenerate your skin from the inside out. We’ll put your skin through its paces to achieve even skin tone and to recapture that vibrant, healthy glow that emanates from fresh and supple skin.


How Boot Camp Works

When you sign up for Skin-Fit Boot Camp you will be assigned a Jamele therapist who will look after you throughout your Skin-Fit Boot Camp experience.

She’s like your very own personal trainer for your skin!

Your Boot Camp experience includes the following:

  • A one hour Kick-Start Session (Skincare analysis + facial treatment)
  • 6 x weekly 30-minute in clinic skincare facial treatments with your Jamele therapist.
  • Personalised skincare action plan for home.
  • Boot Camp folder to keep all your information handy.
  • Free skincare support via our Facebook Page
  • Optional monthly facial maintenance programme.

Your Kick-Start Session!

Your one-hour session includes the following: Lifestyle Consultation Your skin is affected by where and how hard you work, what you eat, the air you breathe and how much you drink (water or otherwise!). Your Jamele therapist will take you through a comprehensive questionnaire and explore how your current skincare routines and lifestyle may be impacting your skin health.

Skin Analysis Be prepared for magnifying glasses! We can’t improve your skin if we don’t know what we are working with to start with. Put your brave face forward and let us look at what is really going on for your skin using our ‘salon eyes’.

Personalised Skincare Plan After analyzing your skin we will recommend the best skincare products and supplements to kick-start your skin health and fitness. We back our products 100% but purchasing is optional and totally up to you.

Skin-Food Recommendations Your therapist will give you recommendations regarding specific skin-foods to incorporate into your diet that will support your skinfitness from the inside out.

Kick-Start Facial After all that digging deep, we think you deserve a facial. We will finish your Kick-Start Session with a personally customised facial treatment. This will wake your skin up and get it prepped for the next six weeks of intensive treatments. A true kick-start!


Six Weekly Facial Treatments – Your Personalised Regime

For six consecutive weeks, you will come into Jamele to have an intensive 30-minute facial treatment with your Jamele therapist. This is not a time for pampering facials, massage and sweet perfumes – this is boot camp! These are hard-working treatments that are selected especially for you by your therapist to get right to the heart of what YOUR skin needs to re-build, strengthen, renew and revitalize.

Treatments are chosen to target specific problems and encourage your skin towards health and vitality. Sonophoresis, peels, lactic acid, colostrum, topical Vitamin A – these are just some of the tools of our trade to whip your skin into shape. Why six weeks worth of treatments? Your skin actually fully renews itself every six weeks, so by having these weekly treatment sessions we truly are re-creating the health of your skin from the inside out.

Knowledge is Power

Throughout your boot camp experience, your therapist will also give you information on the essential nutritional elements of skin health, as well as recipes for you to try which are both delicious and beneficial for skin health.


Boot Camp Believer // Kathryn’s Story

“Not long after I turned 30, I decided that I should start behaving like a grown-up as far as my skin was concerned. For me, doing Boot Camp was all about taking my skincare seriously – taking the time to invest in the health and appearance of my skin for my future.

I had been pretty hit and miss in my 20’s and Boot Camp was the perfect way to make up for lost time! I have had so many compliments on my skin and I really enjoy my skin care rituals and actually knowing what I need to do to take care of my skin!

I kept an online diary during Boot Camp so I could share my experience with others. CLICK HERE to read it. I hope you find it helpful in deciding if Boot Camp is right for you.”


Are you up for it?

Sign up for the Jamele Skin-Fit Boot Camp by calling Kay on 07 578 7610 or emailing her on will get you booked in for your Kickstart Session andyour Boot Camp experience will begin!

Before you invest money in quality products have a consultation with one of our therapists. She will recommend the best skincare range and home care routine for your unique skin needs.
Struggling with your skin?  We can mentor you on a holistic journey of skin transformation including skincare products, skin nutrition, supplements and lifestyle advice. Remember, your skin is a reflection of your life!
About Our Holistic Skincare Mentor
Welcome to a deliciously pampering facial experience that will rejuvenate your skin and relax your whole body! Includes a full skin consultation and home care prescription.
Making up for lost time? Skin- fit Boot Camp is perfect if you are serious about taking care of your skin and want to fast track your progress towards skin health and vitality. Save $200!